Friday, March 25, 2011

Minding the Weather

           This week I was going to sing the praises of my gorgeous bed of ranunculus, but the wicked rainstorms this week did a terrible amount of damage to almost all of my flowers. So, when the world gives you broken flower-stems, what do you do? Fill every vase in the house, of course!

In the bedroom, yellow and red ranunculus with a Blue Ribbon Dutch iris

In the living room, Calla Lilies and Purple Lady Dutch Iris, and the dining room table vase is full of red clover and a crazy assortment of ranunculus.  Oh, sure.  I know it's poisonous, but if you can't live dangerously from time to time, what's the point, right?

I picked up this small oriental-style vase at a garage sale awhile back. Perfect for filling full of  pink rose mallow with some wild onion blossom for contrast, (Yes, that's part of my Star Trek memorabilia collection there.)

And when you run out of vases, invade the drinkware!  I put pink baby rose in a white wine glass in the office. Scott probably won't think it's very manly, if he even notices it at all... ;) (And yes, that's part of his Hubble images collection.)

The world is slowly drying up and the sun has come out again, and a perusal of the gardens revealed some new gems blossoming, including my Black Night tulips and pale white and blue Dutch iris.  The cats are even out rolling on the dry concrete and the birds are singing! I'm halfway hopeful that the ground will be dry enough by next week to start getting the vegetable garden turned and prepped, but I'm slowly learning not to count my seeds before they germinate.

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