Thursday, April 7, 2011

Straw Bale Gardening?

Straw bale gardening just caught my attention! Has anyone tried this? Anyone have any tips?  I ran across the concept by accident, (making me wish all the more that I'd made it to the San Francisco Home & Garden Show this year) but now I'm seriously intrigued!

The idea is that you take a bale of straw, wet it down and let it start to compost, then you plant things in it. 

It sounds dead simple, doesn't it? We have heavy clay soil, and I figure I can do some bale gardening and then just turn it into the soil at the end of the season. After a couple years, we might actually have soil soft enough to dig in. At least, I think? Maybe?  So, I'm calling around for straw bales. I just seeded a new batch of tomato seeds and they're starting to poke their heads up. I figure by the time I cure a bale, they'll be ready to plant.

If anyone knows of a good local straw supply close to San Leandro, please let me know!

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